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tension type headache

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do you have regular headaches? or have you been told you suffered from tension type headaches?

Tension-Type HeadAches or TTHA are primary type headaches. About 40% of people across the world suffer from them.⁠

Common symptoms of this type of headache are bilateral head pain, tension, and pressure in the scalp, like a tight head band.⁠

They usually last at least 30 minutes and can last few days. They should not be associated with nausea and vomiting and they should not be aggravated by physical activity nor of pulsative nature.⁠

how can we help?

At neo ldn we want to support you every step of the way in your everyday life.⁠
Osteopathy is a useful manual therapy to support TTHA, by working on your neck, jaw and back muscles and provide you with appropriate exercices to help prevent the reoccurrence of those headaches.⁠ Your osteopath will be able to screen you safely to exclude any contraindication to osteopathy treatment, and refer you on accordingly.

You may find that regular massage might help too!

Disclaimer: if you have a sudden unexplained intense headache, best to consult with your GP before booking an appointment with your osteopath.⁠