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pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy

pregnancy with pelvic pain

are you pregnant and do you suffer from pelvic girdle pain?

Otherwise known as PGP, pelvic girdle pain can be experienced during pregnancy (1 in 5 pregnancy) and cause a fair bit of discomfort.

It can vary from being located in the lower back or at the level of the pubic bone (forward, just at the level of the pubis).⁠

Pain is usually present when walking; going up the stairs; moving your knees apart; and turning in bed. ⁠

It happens as the ligaments and joints in your body become looser due to the relaxin and progesterone hormones, especially at the level of your pelvis.
This helps your body changes/adapts as baby is growing, as well as preparing your pelvis for the delivery of your baby.⁠

There are small things you can do to help with those pains:⁠
– staying active but getting a good amount of rest⁠
– doing smaller steps when walking⁠
– try to avoid moving your legs separately (ie when getting out of bed/out of the car, try to keep your legs together to avoid additionial tension on your pubic symphysis)⁠
– changing your position regularly (staying less than 30 min still)⁠
– getting dressed and undressed sitted⁠
– lying on the less painful side while sleeping⁠
– using a pregnancy pillow in bed under bump and in between your legs for support⁠
– wear a pregnancy support belt (physiomat is a great recommendation)⁠

how can we help?

at neo ldn we are specialised in pregnancy/perinatal health and used to support patients with Pelvic Girdle Pain in pregnancy. On top of your specialised osteopathy treatment to help your body, you will have a thorough personalised program with strengthening exercises and helpful movements.

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