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is my pelvis out?

have you been told your pelvis is out?

“I have been told before that my pelvis was out!” “I have a misplaced vertebrae” “My spine is crumbling”

Unfortunately, those are common saying from patients in practice. People are told those wrong and scary statements and usually by medical professionals. Usually more because of laziness and poor choice of wording without considering the patient’s experience and negative effect.

Your vertebrae/pelvis cannot be “misaligned” nor “out”; or if they are, you should be in A&E and not a manual therapy clinic.

The big issue with statements like the ones above is that it will leave you, the patient, believe that:
– Your spine is vulnerable and weak
– You need to be careful when moving
– You cannot carry weight
– You HAVE to get treatment to realign everything
– You are only passive in your recovery
– Your state is final and there is no way to improve.

Your back is very strong, and pain is not necessarily associated with something “wrong” with it. Your body is not a machine that is breaking down and pain is not always representative of structural damage.
It is a complex biopsychosocial multisystem relying on neurophysiology, anatomy, physics, genetic, cognition, psychology and life style. The prevalence of these factors will vary from one person to the other.


Thank you @shok_1 for this wonderful wall! (Taken back in 2017, Bricklane)

do you need more reassurance?

Yes, maybe you feel restricted in some areas and that your body does not move as smoothly as it can; and you feel pain. But that does not mean your back is weak, fragile nor crooked.
At neo ldn, it is our role as health therapist, to physically assess you properly to identify the pain sensitive structures and associated patterns. To have clear communication that is not based on fear inducing statements, and to involve you in your recovery.
We are here to improve your life and autonomy; not to leave you in fear and dependence.

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