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how can osteopathy help your baby?

supporting you and your newborn

Osteopathy in paediatrics is a way to support your newborn to be as comfortable as possible. ⁠but exactly how osteopathy can help your baby?

After a thorough case history, during the assessment, your osteopath will thoroughly check your baby’s general neuromotor state. As well as feeding mechanics, any remaining tensions, compressions from intrauterine moulding and/or birth (with or without interventions) that could get in the way of their comfort and function.⁠ They will also check for any potential flags needing immediate referral for further investigation and medical help. Clear explanations of their understanding of your baby and their treatment plan will be shared with you.⁠

Osteopathy in little ones is very gentle and most of it is very relaxing for them.⁠ Osteopathy can help your baby feeling more comfortable and functional.

Depending on the findings/current presentation, your osteopath will give you appropriate advice and exercises to do at home to support your baby’s improvements. 

Did you know Emma has a Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy?

At neo ldn, we have a multidisciplinary network of trusted paediatric health professionals. That will allow us to refer you across when needed (eg: paediatrician, specialist physio, tongue tie specialist etc).⁠

We offer home visits but you can also find us in our clinics in London Bridge and Marylebone.