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how can osteopathy help you during pregnancy?

supporting your pregnancy

did you know osteopathy was a very helpful therapy to help you during your pregnancy ?

At neo ldn we specialised in perinatal health. Women and future parents trust our care to support them during their pregnancy.⁠

During pregnancy, your body is going through tremendous changes: physically, hormonally and physiologically. Your osteopath can support you during those changes and accompany your body throughout pregnancy to allow pain relief, comfort and to promote better function. The more your body is comfortable and at ease, the more your baby is growing in an optimal environment!⁠

As your baby grows, your body adapts and changes. That will affect your digestion, your gait, your posture, and even your breathing. Your joints become more flexible due to relaxin, with increased ligaments laxity, your chest is increasing in size etc. All of those modifications over the course of the nine months of pregnancy can cause common presentations such as:⁠

  • Pubic Symphysis Disorder (PSD or SPD), or other pelvic pains (PGP);⁠
  • Lower and upper back pain, hip discomfort or other musculoskeletal aches⁠
  • Sciatica or other nerve impingement⁠
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome⁠
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome⁠
  • Heartburn (reflux)⁠
  • Difficult digestion (constipation or inflammatory bowel)⁠
  • Difficulty with deep breathing/ shortness of breath⁠
  • Trouble sleeping⁠
  • Poor circulation/heavy legs⁠
  • Pains/discomfort where the baby is tucked in (under ribs/ pelvis hip etc)⁠

Did you know Emma has a extended training in perinatal health?

At neo ldn, we have a multidisciplinary network of trusted perinatal health professionals, that will allow us to refer you across when needed (eg: midwife, specialist physio, trainers specialised in pregnancy  etc).⁠

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