A way for parents to bond and communicate with your unborn baby

neo ldn uses haptonomy as a unique method of emotional communication that allows expecting parents to connect with their unborn child.

By using gentle touch, movement, and verbalisation, haptonomy guides parents to establish an early bond with your child and finding a balance secured family dynamic.

Haptonomy in London

Nurturing the connection with your baby before birth

What is haptonomy?

neo ldn brings prenatal haptonomy in London.

Haptonomy is the science of affectionate touch. Developed by Franz Veldman, a doctor from the Netherlands. It is used in different areas, including pregnancy and birth preparation.

This approach can offer you, both parents, the opportunity to reflect on the pregnancy and to make an early contact and create an interactive affective relationship with your baby. This allows your unborn child a deep sense of security and an acknowledgment of their life.

It also provides tools to the non-pregnant parent to find their place early. Enabling them to connect with baby and support their partner throughout pregnancy and during child birth.

haptonomy, a safe and natural approach

Haptonomy is a childbirth preparation throughout pregnancy and birth based on the profound relationship between the three actors: baby, mother, father/partner.

Its principal objective is to develop a sense of security and autonomy in each of these three partners by taking into consideration their specific needs.

They will develop a deep support in every step of the process (pregnancy, labour, delivery and after birth).

Haptonomy is a safe and natural approach to prenatal care, it is non-invasive and does not involve any medication.

It is suitable for all pregnant women (unless medically unadvised) and their partner.

It can be started at any time during pregnancy although we recommend starting from 4th month of pregnancy, to be able to cover and develop all various aspect of perinatal haptonomy. 

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