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does the perfect posture exist?

breaking down myths

At neo ldn we specialised in promoting health and provide our patients with the best evidence based advise, breaking down myths and fear mongering narratives.

The best posture is your next posture.⁠
One of the biggest myth in our industry is “the perfect posture”. Because it simply does not exist.⁠

A recent research even suggests that people holding “straight” posture were more susceptible to neck pain than the ones who sat however they wanted to.⁠
It seems like you are better off sitting in a comfortable position for you, getting up regularly to move around and have a different one when you sit back down.⁠

This is not to say ergonomic desk setups are not helpful. Just the act of “holding yourself straight” and staying still without moving around might not be the best because you will most like clench yourself. ⁠Guess what happens to your arm if you clench your fist all day? It will most likely end up hurting. So stay comfortable but keep on moving and exercise regularly. And throw away the posture shirt if you have one. Your phone alarm can remind you to have a break and move around.⁠

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do you think you suffer from any pains from your time at work?

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches (maybe from trying to sit up clenched all day)? At neo ldn we can help relieve those pains, identifying the contributing factors. We will give you constructive feedback and exercises to help you on the long term to get rid of them completely.