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baby torticollis and osteopathy

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do you feel your baby has a preferred side with the head? they might have torticollis.

Baby torticollis is when your little one’s neck muscles are contracted and cause their head to tilt to one side and twist on the other. 

For example on the picture the baby presents with a right rotation and left side bending of the head, showing a possible left torticollis.⁠ 

Osteopathy is a helpful therapy for this condition.

You may notice the top of the head of your baby is tilted with their chin on the other side. ⁠
You may also notice that your baby does not look on one side / or prefers looking one side than the other.⁠

Torticollis can be present from birth as congenital torticollis and this is the most common form of torticollis. It may become noticeable after a few weeks of life, once your baby gains some more neck/head control.⁠

If left unattended, torticollis in a baby can be a cause predisposing to positional plagiocephaly (more commonly known as “head flattening”) due to the head position preference not being challenged.

Moreover, it is very important in a child’s development that they can be aware of the space around them. If they are not free to move their head in both directions this will limit their space awareness. This might have a negative influence on their general neuromotor development.⁠

With manual treatments from a qualified osteopath (or other type of manual therapist) and a good regime of exercises to do at home (stretches and positioning), your baby will make a full recovery! Obviously the earlier the better.⁠

how can we help?

At neo ldn, we are expert paediatric osteopaths and will support and help your baby, giving you all the helpful advice. Your contribution following our advice, doing stretches and repositioning of your baby, will have a significant role in their improvement!⁠

Do you feel your baby has head preference towards one side? Feel free to contact us today to discuss more.⁠