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at neo ldn, we provide extensive massage services for all. Ignacio specialises in helping expecting and new mothers care for themselves as well as athletes, office workers and anyone in need of a therapeutic massage. We understand the challenges and stresses that come living in a big city and we want to support you every step of the way.

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ignacio's story

Ignacio is a Kinesiologist trained in Argentinia, born and raised in Costa Rica. 

He has a focus in movement and exercises, he aims to help his clients attain a better life and wellbeing through massage and stretching.  

Understanding the cause of the pain is the key for an effective treatment. Through the process of active listening and applying the correct stimulus, our body has the power to heal. Massage and stretching techniques are the perfect combination to effectively manage stress, tension, pain, and preempt injuries. Through his personalized approach, Ignacio has helped a lot of people understand the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Ignacio practices from our clinic in London Bridge.

ignacio's qualifications

Ignacio’s passion to health and thriving lifestyle brought him to train in Kinesiology as well as Personal training, this allows him to offer a wide range of massage services with his highly valuable expertise.

B.A. Kinesiology and Physiatry in Argentinia
Rehabilitation of Injuries of High-Performance Athletes
Personal trainer instructor
– Pregnancy massage
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